15 Minute Repairs

Our Service Guarantee

Screen Damage

Cracked or damaged screen? Our repair professionals can save that phone or tablet from the trash!

Water Damage

One of the hardest repairs is water damage. But fear not! Our trained professionals are experts in fixing and restoring your damaged phone or tablet!

Charging Port

Is your phone plugged in but still refuses to charge correctly? Most likely your charging port is damaged.

Color Swaps

Love your phone but feel like it is time for a new case? We have them all, including those for protection or style.

Speaker and Audio Repair

Grainy phone conversations or music? No fear, let us replace those speakers in your phone for superior audio quality.

15 Minute Quick Repair

Most of our repairs take 15-minutes or less. Come visit one of our booths today!

Protecting What Matters Most

Our entire lives are on our phones or tablets.  Calendars, contacts, email and texts. Having a clean functioning device makes your life easier by ensuring the piece of mind that your information is at your fingertips

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